What We Do

"Words don't do this course justice."

Senior Manager - Concentrix

"Brilliant delivery of business content - interactive, current and genuinely useful. I cannot recommend BRC highly enough."

HR Manager - Citi

"This course was life changing for me and all those who attended."

Senior Manger - Commercial Bank

"When every investment dollar counts... sometimes a captain needs a pilot to help bring the ship home."

CEO International Distrubution Company

"Extremely relevant and enlightening - Immensely useful."

Company Director

"The best value and most useful training we have done in years."

Managing Director - Telesack NI

Global Leadership Academies


“Working with BRC Partnership has proven to be invaluable.
We were able to build a customised project management leadership development program which talked directly to our business needs. 
We very much look forward to working with BRC in the future.”

Leadership Development


“Excellent course in leadership, one of the few training events in my life that I actually enjoyed, learned new skills and (most importantly of all) remembered the content!
Brilliant delivery of business content, interactive, helpful, current and genuinely useful. I cannot recommend it highly enough! Thank you”


Graduate Development Programs


“Working in partnership with BRC to deliver our graduate development program has been a fantastic experience. They brought a refreshing dynamic to our approach to learning and development. BRC have truly added value to our business. Their approach is practical, interactive, insightful and professional throughout. It has been a joy to work with BRC Partnership.”

Professional Development
Focus For Graduates


“BRC have partnered with Allstate Northern Ireland over the last 5 years supporting our new graduate employee’s learning and development. They have delivered a variety of training sessions, that enable employees to develop the core behaviours required to successfully progress in Allstate. We have found them to be subject matter experts, delivering training that is engaging and interactive. They have demonstrated that they are flexible, proactive and customer focused, working with our Learning & Development Team to provide a positive onboarding experience.”

Equipping Managers In SE Asia


“This was a life changing experience, not just to me but for all of us who attended the training. The opportunity to work as teams and individually helped us build a great team relationship, which still continues. I truly enjoyed Lead To Succeed, which has helped immensely to enrich both my work and personal life.”

Be a member of

BRC will work in partnership with you to incorporate your core values into our training and coaching solutions. We can also help you identify and articulate your values and vision in the pursuit of a culture where everyone has their place and everyone plays their full part in your organisation’s success. They commit, they buy-in, they belong!

To Fulfil

BRC will work in partnership with you to ensure that your people fulfil their personal and professional potential through our coaching and professional development solutions. A mindset of growth, stretch and reflection permeating all levels of your organisation. People able to realise and believe they can make a real and lasting difference.

Bring into existence

BRC will work in partnership with you to help establish a learning and development culture where people can be the best version of themselves in the pursuit of excellence. A culture where everyone can thrive and create numerous possibilities together.