If it was possible to rewind to a time 600 years or more BC, we would surely be captivated by the wisdom and insight of Aristotle.

At a time when the need to influence those around us in the knowledge workplace is perhaps more demanding than ever, it will do no harm at all to reflect on the three words he used…..

Ethos‘ – The importance of our legacy building commitment, reputation and character. Isn’t everyone looking for authentic leaders of substance who may be flawed but genuine and shaped by principle?

Pathos‘ – Emotional appeal and the need for emotionally intelligent leadership is undisputed.

Leaders who have acute awareness of the need to understand and channel their own emotions as well as those of others will have the upper hand. Knowledge just isn’t enough. As the millennial generation enter and occupy the workplace, they need leaders who know themselves as well as knowing how to engage and inspire others.

Logos’ – Of course the need for rational and logical communication remains essential for today’s leaders.

However, occasional lapses of the third element will cause much less angst when the first two are in evidence.

It makes me think…isn’t it important to think about our legacy while we’re still creating it?